As a learner


Organizational behaviour and team development – 2005 A week long workshop by faculty from IIM Ahmedabad

IB Workshops


Making PYP Happen – 2007 Hyderabad                                                    Assessment in PYP – 2008 Hyderabad

Role of Science and Social in PYP – 2008 in Bangkok                              Pedagogical Leadership – 2008 Mumbai

Written Curriculum – 2009 Mumbai                                                           Collaborative planning- 2009 Hyderabad

Leadership and responsibilities – 2009 Singapore                                  Concept based learning- 2009 Hyderabad

Inquiry based learning- 2010 Hyderabad                                                  Heads as leaders -2013 Malaysia

Role of Governance- 2013 Mumbai

Teachers as Researchers -2014 Hyderabad

Harvard University

download (1)hpz

Project Zero classroom – Leading for understanding



Implementation and process – 2009 Hyderabad

Implementation- 2010 Hyderabad

Understanding CCE- 2011 Hyderabad

Motivation Workshops


Speed of Trust by Stephen MR Covey – 2008 led by Stephen MR Covey in 2008 in Hyderabad

Dr Stephen Covey ‘s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Led by Dr Stephen Covey in 2009 Jan Hyderabad


As a trainer


Trained Heads of Schools and Senior faculty of IB schools in Asia Pacific Region at the Regional workshops of IBO in Nov 2009 at Bangalore

Trained Heads of Schools and Senior faculty of IB schools in Asia Pacific Region at the Regional workshops of IBO in Oct 2011 at Bali Indonesia


As Teacher Trainer


Trained 400 teachers of the Silver Oaks in the last 10 years

Trained 100 teachers of RDF

Trained 100 teachers of Prajwala

Trained 50 team leaders of GMR run schools

Trained 125 teachers of St Stephens Sr Secondary School Ajmer

Trained teachers of Good Neighbours India Samriddhi Trust YET Orphanage and Volunteers at Government schools in Bangalore


A Workshop for Principals of Hyderabad CBSE Schools June 2015


Principals as Leaders 

A workshop for Principals of Andhra Pradesh Residential Schools


 IB Educator

September 2014


Selected by IBO to be trained as IB Educator.

Underwent 5 days of intensive training to be an IB Educator and IB School Visit Team Member.

Education Today Society Tomorrow

A workshop hosted by Initiatives of Change at Panchgani from 2nd to 5th May’15


 Training conducted at Kathmandu by leading educators in the world


 IB Evaluation Visit  October 2015 at Eastern Public School Bhopal


Leading IB Workshop on Making PYP Happen

at Candor International School Bangalore November 2015


Secretary of Heads of IB Schools Forum 

Feb 2016


Elected as the Secretary of Heads of IB Schools Forum  in Southern & Eastern regions of India

A talk at TedxvNRVJIET

July 2016
Gave a talk on Environment that makes students connect to what they’re learning at Tedx VNRVJIET.


IBO Workshop at Chandigarh 

July 2016
Led IBO workshop at Kalgidhar trust.

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IBO Workshop at Pune

August 2016
Two day intensive IB workshop on how learners can be propelled into meaningful action  at Pune.

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Ed leadership Conference

September 2016
Attended Ed Leadership conference at Lucknow.

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 IB Workshop on Science through Inquiry

October 2016
Led IB Workshop on Science through Inquiry at Singapore

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 TAISI Conference

October 2016
 Attended A 4 day conference of International Schools of India draws to an end. Brainstorming time and profound learning at Delhi

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IBO Regional Workshop on Exhibition

October 2016
Led IB Regional Workshop on Exhibition at Mumbai

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October 2016
Gave a talk at TEDX PSG TECH at Coimbatore.

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 IB PYP in a nutshell 

28th Nov 2016
Led A session on IB PYP in a nutshell to aspiring schools at Chennai.
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Lead India Contest by Times of India in 2007

In the contest led by Times of India to identify leaders from within the society in 2007, selected to be a leader out of 1000s of people.

December 2015 Allahabad

Lifetime Achievement Award .  



Received the prestigious ” Lokmanilal Lifetime Achievement Award” for excellence in education from Shri YV Chandrachur Chief Justice Allahabad high Court at Allahabad

August 2015 

Selected as Secretary of CBSE Schools Principals Association HSSC.

Feb 2016

Elected as Vice Chair for Heads Association of IB World Schools,  South & Eastern Region India.

April 2017


Elected as Chair for Heads Association of IB World Schools,    South & Eastern Region India.

Feb 2019

Elected as President for Heads Association of IB World Schools India.



Curriculum Design & Development 

Transdisciplinary Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary design models for learning in Pre Primary, Primary Junior and Senior School. These models involve the 3 domains of learning, scientific and thinking skills, group learning, team teaching and concept oriented global content. Achieved curriculum alignment between IBPYP and NCF 2005 of India.

  • Science Books For Grades 1 to 6
  • Math Booka for Grades 1 to 6
  • English Model Books for Writing Skills for Grades 3 to 10. 
  • Telugu and Hindi Model Books for Writing Skills for Grades 5 to 10

Developed teacher training modules in

  • Thinking skills
  • Language as an attitude
  • Concept over content
  • Teaching/learning strategies
  • Assessment practices
  • Goals of education
  • Progressive pedagogy
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Speed of Trust

Silver Oaks Centre for Research and Design in Cognitive Learning

Initiated research oriented pedagogy and started a research centre in the school.

Designed, tested and implemented models on reading & writing, student leadership, constructivism and critical thinking.

Hyderabad CBSE Schools’ Principals Meet 26th June’15- A workshop on “Tool kit for Principals”


Lucknow September 2015

Attended and moderated a session in the conference on Ed Leadership

Hyderabad September 2015

Attended and moderated a day long session on “Creating High Performance Schools –        The Big Picture” at Hyderabad. Irmeli  Halinen Head of National Curriculum Reform Finland and Dr Sunita Gandhi President of Council for Global Education.


For Rural Development Foundation

Developed interdisciplinary curriculum for rural students which is also socially, geographically, culturally and economically relevant  with focus on cognitive and action oriented learning. Nearly 1500 students learn through this curriculum.

For Prajwala

Developed interdisciplinary curriculum for students of Prajwala schools which is also socially, geographically, culturally and economically relevant with focus on cognitive and action oriented learning. Nearly 800 students learn through this curriculum.

As a Writer – two books

Me and My CountryA book on value curriculum for the school  

Mantras of MahatmaA book on principles of Gandhiji and how they are followed in Silver Oaks. This was launched by HE Dr Hansraj Bharadwaj Governor of Karnataka on 4th Oct’13.


Perspectives on education system published in Times of India and the Student edition of Times of India, Brainfeed, Conference publications of RIE Mysore, IBO Asia Pacific and e World education summit.

Annual Operas – Written and directed shows

  • Elements of nature – 2005
  • Reinterpreted Pygmalion – 2006 & 07
  • Winds of change – 2008 – On lessons from American, French and Russian revolutions
  • Timeless legacies – 2009- Lessons from Indian history  
  • Mantras of mahatma – 2010 – 5 principles of Gandhi – Swaraj, Satyagraha, Swadharma, Sarvodaya and Swades
  • Story of a city A city called Hyderabad-2011- on the birth of Hyderabad and the controversy now with a message on need for harmony.
  • Bioscope – 2012 –  Indian cinema celebrates 100 years, how from decade to decade it has evolved and reached a centre stage where the influence is changing the lifestyles of people.
  • January 2014  Saga of Rivers                                                                                                              A 3 hour dance drama on the Rivers Brahmaputra Ganga Godavari & Krishna
  • January 2015- Whose India is it and What’s your Indian dream? A 3 hour presentation based on these two questions.
  • October 2015- Virasat e Hyderabad on heritage of Hyderabad

As a Trekker

Trekked the trails of Srisailam forest area in 1997.

Trekked the 18 kms tough terrain of David Scott’s Trail between Shillong and Cherrapunjee 5 times between 2001 and 2003.

Himalayan Treks

Trekked 9 times in 9 summers between 2009 to 2018 in the mighty altitudes of Himalayas in Uttaranchal and Himachal regions. Walked upto 13500 ft and covered 300kms in Himalayas.



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