International travel


August 1994 South Africa As the first Indian Delegation to South Africa….



November 2003 Pleasure Trip to Bhutan



May 2008 Thailand  

Attended a 3 day IB workshop at Bangkok – Role of Science and Social studies in PYP


2009 March 

Invited to give a 1 hour presentation at the Regional Conference of IB Asia Pacific in Singapore. A presentation on the purpose of the school,‘groom contributors to the society, not just consumers’

October 2011


Bali  Indonesia : to lead a workshop on Sustainability as International mindedness an IB Regional workshop where Heads of schools,Senior teachers from International schools in IB Schools of Asia Pacific Region attended.


October 2011

Singapore: Invited to give a 1 hour presentation at the IB Heads conference where Heads of IB world schools   from all continents attend to share and learn. 

2012 November 


Visited Singapore to see the new global centre of IB regional office and call on the Regional Director Ian Chambers to discuss and share about the future plans of Silver Oaks.

2012 November


Visited Cornish college Melbourne Australia to see how schools design their own philosophies and purposes  while meeting  the state and national standards and the IB standards. Interactions with teachers, students and most of all Kerry Bolger the Principal of the school helped in learning about the needs and goals of teaching and learning in Australian and International context.

Visited Sydney centre for innovative learning and Northern Beaches Christian School to learn how a school emerged as a research centre.

Learnt through close interactions with Anne Knock Director of SCIL, Stephen Harris Principal of NBCS and Steve Collis key member of SCIL.

2013 March    


Invited to present at IB Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Kaulalampur  Malaysia on     ‘How a school assumed leadership’ to build capacities in teachers, develop community and groom leaders for the society.


March 2014

Attended Annual regional Conference of IB Asia Pacific at Singapore in March 2014


September 2014

Nepal to attend training to be an IB Educator and School Visit Team Leader


January 2016   USA 

Attended Yale Model United Nation at Yale University in New Haven along with students